Our services of topography, divided:

Constructions - civil works

Differential GPS line positioning. Traverses with high precision equipment. Nivelaciones with Digital Level.
Determination of UTM coordinate systems and local, calculation of conversion parameters between both systems.


Surveying, floor plans, profile, works of art and calculation of volumes.


Survey of power lines, gas lines, oil pipelines and mining. Preparation of floor plans, profile, details and sashes of bondage.

Docks. breaks Waves

Bathymetric lifting, drawing of floor plans, profile, calculation of volumes of cut and fill details.


Stakeout lines and foundations, anchor bolts, levels and construction drawings.


Tailing dams and water, horizontal and vertical control, plans, calculation of volumes...


Bathymetry, stroke and rethinking, topographic control of foundations, piles, etc..


Topographic Control in metallic structures Electromechanical Assemblies and foundations with anchor bolts.

Urban rooms

Cleanliness Works, stroke and rethinking of housing projects.


Surveying, calculating areas and delimitation of boundaries.


Services of topography, Satellite Geodesy and Geographic Information Systems

Acero Estudio is a company dedicated to providing services of topography, Satellite Geodesy and Geographic Information Systems - GIS, for this we have competitive professionals with extensive experience in the different fronts.