Our CAD services, are divided:


Acero Estudio Delineation Services, puts at your disposal the specialty of Drafter of Civil Works.

This specialty aims to cover all the productive needs of our customers in the area of Civil Works, (transport infrastructures, roads, railways, structure of bridges, building, hydraulic work, etc).

We have a vast experience in the collaboration with engineering companies, architecture and construction of great prestige within and outside of Spain.

We offer to our clients during the elaboration of the work, constant communication, technical support in virtue of our long experience, compliance in the delivery deadlines, quality in the final editing and printing of the planes and total seriousness and discretion with the documentation provided by the client.

Acero Estudio counts between his technical team with Civil Engineers, Architects and Technical Architects. With this, we can develop the different sections of a project, (design, calculation, measurement and budget) in drains, signaling, structures, etc…

We carry out our work by giving the best service of quality and profitability for our customers, well developed the work in our own offices or shifting to the offices of our clients, always in direct contact with the project manager to run.


Acero Estudio offers its collaboration through the figure of the draftsman designer with the aim of covering the area of architecture, (residential buildings, public use buildings, buildings of private use, partial plans, urbanism, surveying the current state, etc…)

We work in close cooperation and continuous communication with our customers (Architectural Studies, builders, developers and real estate agents), from the facilities of our offices or moving us to the customer`s own.


In the field of Industrial Drafting, Acero Estudio is composed of draftsmen and designers whose objective is to cover all the productive needs of our customers in the industrial sectors, Metallurgical, Energy, Food, Agriculture, Chemical, Pharmacist, Logistical, etc…

We have professionals that provide the customer with a long and extensive experience in the elaboration of projects and industrial design of products, parts in all kinds of machinery, industrial installations, electrical installations, air conditioning installations, PCI, planes of whole, Exploded Views, assembling boilermaking, Implementation of 3D drawings and exploded views, design of piping, isometric, Flowcharts, etc…

We offer to our customers a continual communication, participation and involvement during the whole process in the development of the work, guaranteeing the quality of the service and the dates of deliveries of the same.

The services, we in the installations of our offices, or we will go to the offices of our customers, therefore providing the most personalized service that requires work to be done