Acero Estudio will create a guide easily adaptable and constantly evolving, in order to coordinate all disciplines involved in making BIM modeling in your organization.

The comprehensive assessment of skills of Acero Estudio will highlight the strengths and will help us to discover the problem areas in terms of its process of implementation of the BIM.

Acero Estudio will define a series of specific requirements of project, to create a successful model, which will set priorities and objectives for the use of the model.

These objectives are among others:

   - Detection of conflicts.
   - Display design solutions.
   - Coordination 3D.
   - Design Reviews.
   - Registration of modeling.
   - Measurements and Budget.

Custom Training and Standards

Acero Estudio is the main supplier of CAD deployment/BIM and training services from one aspect of technological base, focused to architects, engineers, builders, and managers.

The successful implementation of BIM will simulate and pre-view all aspects of design in the building, in the construction, in economic management and will allow anticipating the emergence of contingencies in the constructive process, optimizing the efficiency and quality of the projects, reducing the risks and costs during the project.

Currently, the evaluation of students with regard to the trainers and the improvement of the results of the same have been the subject of detailed studies. The training process is fed back to the feedback that offers the students. The purpose of the evaluation is to measure the level of use of the knowledge and training acquired and assess for trainers to improve the effectiveness of the teaching. This methodology of learning will help both the students and the trainer to optimize the time and cost invested in the expansion of knowledge.

Acero Estudio offers several types of training:

   - Classroom training provided by a specialized Trainer.
   - Training through Virtual Classroom.
   - Virtual workshops.