Content advice

We offer the service of advice for the generation of their content elements BIM.

Acero Estudio can advise on projects of any size, and you can give all kinds of aid whenever necessary. We are professionals dedicated to the creation and development of the construction designs.

Of a total or partial way, we extend our support to eliminate production load in your organization. To eliminate this burden that implies an additional effort on the part of the design team, allowing them to focus on what they do best: design. Simultaneously, we can guide to the remaining team members of content on how to optimize the process.

Creation and distribution of content BIM

For the design and manufacture of various elements, is necessary the establishment of families for proper distribution to end users.

Families are collections of objects in three dimensions with highly defined, with similar features and appearance, representing the products and systems for the construction or manufacturing.

From Acero Estudio helping the client to achieve maximum return on investment through the creation of this content and then distribute it to their customers. .