BIM for coordination and manufacturing

Interference detection and constructive conflict

The complexity of the current projects, required by customers, is increasing, with a variety of elements of facilities, materials, etc…and procedures that require the implementation not only of management and planning tools, but also of the appropriate review, compatibility and feedback to project design before we reach the stage of construction.

Acero Estudio thanks to the tool BIM, can detect in time interference between specialties, optimizing the design, bearing positively in the delivery times and costs, warning of the existence of incompatibilities generating reports of conflicts of construction (Building Conflict Reports - BCR) customized before they arise at the stage of construction or manufacturing.

Measurements and Valuation

Throughout the development of the project, data and information are incorporated presupuestables and measurable within the model BIM that, at the stage of measurements and budgets can be removed, optimizing and leveling resources within your organization.

It is necessary that the model BIM meets a series of face to the measurement requirements in regard to the structure of the data and the way it is done in model itself.

Acero Estudio collaborates in this great stage, providing the customer data in real time, And it provides so accurate data to assess numerical and economically the project to make.

Sequence of construction / Planning 4D

The programming and planning are essential for a high quality construction, with safety and efficiency.

In this stage we can link in the BIM model each activity to the time factor, in order to view from the inside of the project, the various alternatives optimizing the project plan.

We also added the possibility of practicing sequences in the computer, as many times as necessary, and we will know instantly the impact of these changes, by updating the planning thanks to the linkage of the model.

The result of all this, is a process of project execution efficient, reliable and secure that saves time and cost, which translates into a competitive advantage.

Estimate of costs 5D

The estimate of costs 5D is a 3D model BIM linked to the estimation of the costs of construction through quantity of materials which are generated automatically from the data entered in the model.

The Management 5D costs provides added value to the development of the planning since early stages until the end through improving the preparation of budgets and estimate of several design proposals and their settings as the project evolves.

The Management 5D costs can analyze price comparasion extremely fast, the amount of times you want and with a great complexity of combinations, you can also recalculate as the project develops and obtains a report that estimates the possible continuous variants and corrections.

BIM for manufacture and prefabrication

The preparation of a building component or a mounting for the manufacture is a process that takes time and that depends on many complex factors. BIM provides a variety of activities related to the design-build, including the digital manufacturing and planes of workshop of building components.

BIM empowers digital workflows from design to manufacturing to all disciplines of the construction.

Our team of engineers have the experience to produce drawings and manufacturing in multiple companies and disciplines, including architecture, structure and MEP.

Support local and online

Acero Estudio offers online support to its customers, for locations where for various reasons can’t have the personal presence of any of our professionals, or in situations where the client decides to do it this way

It also offers the possibility that the customer receives local support, through the personal presence of our professionals in their offices, in order to improve communication and efficiency.